This video will help you to SEO your sites for all the changes that have come recently at Google. Most of these suggestions have been geared to get rankings in Google. Because Google has had some major changes recently, this video will help you.
This is a comprehensive one hour SEO Strategy tutorial. The great thing about this tutorial is that includes some of the latest strategies for 2015, going into 2016. These are the latest SEO tips and tricks to help you rank as high as possible.
Ladies and gentleman, hold on to your hats! This lazy as stoner is one of the best advisers on YouTube. This particular video offers great SEO advice for beginners and the general website owner. This does not offer advanced SEO Strategies, however, unless you plan on doing SEO consulting for a living, this information is everything you will ever need to know.
This 10 minute video offers valuable SEO advice directly from Google. It is mostly deals with the SEO tactics you should follow when setting up a brand new site. It may only be 10 minutes long but it covers a ton of seo information and fantastic advice.