In this short 3 minute video, Corina shares with us a little known trick to using Twitter’s advanced search features to create a lead generation machine. And because these methods are not known by many, you can use them to beat out the competition. ..
In this 5 minute video we find out some strategies for standing out with our posts on Twitter considering there are about 6,000 posts per second. Short video with GREAT info.
In this 3 minute video, Jan Rezab offers practical social media marketing tips to help improve your 2017 social strategy.
In this short 3 minute video from Entrepreneur Magazine, they reveal the 10 most important things to remember about social media marketing. These include basic etiquette rules as well as proven success methods for social media marketing.
Here is a super short video that reveals a Twitter Business Secret that will allow you to instantly find leads for your business and contact them. THIS IS NOT COLD POSTING! The leads you will find are actually LOOKING for you to ANSWER THEIR QUESTION.  Give it a try!  You’ll love us for it!!
This 15 minute video is quite beneficial for beginners explaining the types of things to tweet about, how to open and manage multiple accounts and coming up with a PLAN to help increase brand recognition through Twitter Marketing.