Ladies and gentleman, hold on to your hats! This lazy as stoner is one of the best advisers on YouTube. This particular video offers great SEO advice for beginners and the general website owner. This does not offer advanced SEO Strategies, however, unless you plan on doing SEO consulting for a living, this information is everything you will ever need to know.
This guy does not look like someone you want to take advice from. However, looks can be deceiving. This video will blow your mind how well he covers the subject of finding profitable niche markets and keywords.  EXCELLENT ADVICE!!!
This 10 minute video offers valuable SEO advice directly from Google. It is mostly deals with the SEO tactics you should follow when setting up a brand new site. It may only be 10 minutes long but it covers a ton of seo information and fantastic advice.
This email marketing video focuses mostly on how to create an email marketing campaign at AWeber and is aimed mostly at beginners.
This 14 minute valuable Email Marketing video, we are shown that we need to be careful when doing “Ad Swaps”. We want to make sure that we don’t create what is called a “Freebie” list.  A “Freebie” list is where the subscribers really only expect to get free stuff.  When doing Ad Swaps, tread lightly.
This Facebook Marketing video is almost an hour long which may seem daunting but it is super comprehensive and includes the latest and best tactics based on actual testing. Topics covered in this video include Facebook groups, Facebook messaging, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook for entrepreneurs, Facebook for business, and Facebook 2015 updates.
Viral marketing can be an awesome tool to promote your business. In this video interview you will find out that success with viral marketing is not an accident or dumb luck. There are specific principles that you can follow to ensure greater success and when it works, it spreads like wildfire. One of the great marketing strategies covered in this video is about Social Currency, which is about making your customers feel special. In other words, its all about them. This provides them with a small ego boost that will entice them to share it with others but if presented [More]